How Yoga Helped Me Finally Lose Weight

Yoga Burn will NOT help you lose weight. At least not by itself.

There, I said it. Sounds odd?

Well, it’s the truth.

However… not the complete truth…

So let’s review the Yoga Burn program today and see if it’ll gives you anywhere close to those “amazing” fat loss results they promise…


I’ll explain about Yoga Burn in detailed below. So this is the short version if you are looking for a quick opinion.


  • Incessant emailing after purchase with more offers. My advice: Unsubscribe after the first welcome email!
  • Not suitable if you’ve been doing Yoga for a while. It’s for beginners.
  • Lots of ‘upselling’ after first purchase. Ignore all of them. (See the video walk-through I made below.)


  • An extremely beginner-friendly yoga program, shot in high quality video.
  • If you hate going to the gym, you’ll love this, and you’ll see results.
  • When paired with a decent diet plan, results are fantastic (see details below).
  • Low cost, no recurring charges.
  • 60-day refund guarantee honored by payment processor (Clickbank), so you don’t even need to contact the seller.


Definitely worth trying at $37, especially with the guarantee and no recurring charges. Pair it with a diet plan for really good results after a few weeks.

Official site:

#1 Introduction To Yoga (Burn)

Yoga Burn is a beginner friendly video program which will help you lose weight and get started with Yoga. It is created by master yoga instructor Zoe-Bray Cotton.

Yoga, as you probably know, is an ancient practice that has come down to us from the holy lands of India.

These were the yogis, or sages who spent their time in devotion and mediation.

They found (at that time) some of the best methods of dealing with chronic pain, diseases and all sorts of body ailments through Yoga practices.

In fact, it was the Indian sages who first discovered the concept of metabolism (Agni or “inner fire” as they called it), on which we now have modern day programs like The Metabolic Diet, Beyond Diet, etc.

#2 So what Is the “Yoga Burn” program About?

Yoga Burn is a DVD based Yoga program which allows you to get started with Yoga at home, without joining any local class, and which will help you lose some stubborn fat along the way.

It is beginner friendly and you could get started as soon as you sign up and get inside the members area (since all the videos are available online as well).

I have included a detailed video tour of the members dashboard below, we’ll get to it very soon.

The most important thing you need to know right now is it’s definitely a decent Yoga program, especially for people new to Yoga, and specifically for those who want to lose some much needed weight (hello mommies!)…

IN SHORT: Yoga Burn is an online/offline Yoga program created by Zoe-Bray Cotton that introduces you to Yoga with some really good beginner-intermediate Yoga workouts, potentially helping you lose fat and tone yourself.


#3 will ‘Yoga Burn’ help you lose weight?

Yes… and no.

The thing is, many women still believe that there’s a magic pill out there… that there’s some ‘secret’ diet or a program that holds some missing piece of knowledge that they don’t currently have.

The sad (but true) bit of news is…

There’s no secret to losing weight. None. Nada.

Weight loss, rather, is all about a few key principles.

The truth is – if you follow a few simple rules over a few hundred days, you get to see the transformation you really wish…

Yes, a few hundred days… that’s the kind of time REAL, long-term weight loss takes.

And what is the simple rule?

There are a couple, but the most important ones is…

You need to start being more active. There’s no way around that. However, not every one loves hitting the gym, or doing some back-breaking cardio workouts.

Yoga is a wonderful option for these women, and I can definitely recommend the Yoga Burn program to help with this. Point being: You absolutely need to start being more active, physically.

So once you start getting more active. All you need is some time, patience, and a bit of perseverance.

More about that later, for now, let’s conclude these 3 things about Yoga Burn:

  • It definitely passes the first rule. It’s a very beginner-friendly program that will definitely help you get yourself moving.
  • It’s priced correctly, in fact I’d even say at $37 she’s undercharging given the quality of workouts and videos she shares with us.
  • Yes, there’s a guarantee so you can definitely give it a try. They have a 60-day refund period, but I haven’t returned my copy. I personally like it.

#4 Yoga Burn Contents – What’s Inside, What You Get

First of all, here, I purchased the Yoga Burn for you people, and you can have a quick look inside the yoga burn dashboard below…

Now that you saw the video of the members area, let’s review and see what the actual contents of the program are, aka, what you get!

First of all, understand that Yoga is a holistic approach. Gone are the days when women used to do crunches all day. Everyone knows that spot reduction doesn’t work!

So with Zoe’s Yoga Burn, you’ll exercise your entire body, which is how you lose fat. You get the entire program in video format, and the best part is you can watch these videos from literally anywhere, on any device.

So as you can see in the above yoga burn membership image, the basic program is divided in three parts, namely:

Foundational Flow, Transitional Flow, and Mastery Flow.

Each of these parts further contain three videos each. Along with these, there also two bonus videos, one is called tranquility flow and the other is all about small tips to improve your asanas and mudras.

Reviewing Each Phase Of The Yoga Burn

Phase 1: the first phase – The Foundational Flow phase – this phase will help you build a strong yoga foundation. This is very important because it will let you perform each pose safely, effectively. You’ll also learn different strategies, tips, and exclusive poses that will boost your metabolism, leading ultimately to weight loss.

In addition, in this phase you’ll build a strong mind-body link or control. What this will do is enable you to control your muscles effectively. This particular aspect in the yoga burn is mandatory for you to perform the later phases.

Phase 2: The Transitional Flow – Here, you’ll merge the poses in the first and second phases into precise sequences, which are slightly advanced than the first phase. These movements will enhance your mood, improve clarity, focus, and reduce anxiety. This is important because your mental state and your attitude are extremely important if you’re going to lose any fat.

Phase 3: The Mastery Flow phase – This advanced phase will mix all the basic and intermediate things you learned in the first and second phases. This yoga burn sequence is where you will fully ignite your metabolism and get the maximum fat loss boost.

One more thing, you can also DOWNLOAD every videos inside the yoga burn membership dashboard:

Plus, you can even download them as audio files, this is extremely handy and practical:

#5 Yoga Burn User Reviews & Conclusion… Is It Worth It?

I honestly believe fat loss requires a holistic approach. You cannot *only* diet, or you cannot *only* workout. Both are equally important.

And for this reason, the Yoga Burn system is a good beginners/intermediate level program for women who want to lose weight and get a toned body.

In fact, here, I found this video on YouTube that I’ll embed here for you folks to watch. Listen to what she says after going through the yoga burn for a couple of weeks…

Here’s one more Yoga burn user review for you…

So yes, user reviews do say that the Yoga Burn program works, maybe not that “fast”, but it definitely is total value for money.

In fact, just looking at Zoe’s body can give you a good idea of the effectiveness of her strategies and poses in the yoga burn DVD course.

Now, here’s one question I get in my mail all the time…

Q: Are yoga classes better than the Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray Cotton?

It’s really up to you if you would attend a yoga class or take lessons from an online yoga course like the Yoga Burn.

Of course, The Yoga Burn system has its own set of cons, and as I’ve mentioned before, this program is not an ideal choice for veteran or advanced yoga practitioners.

Though from my experience, it seems that this program works as promised for someone new (or an intermediate) to Yoga, and I personally believe that it does have many advantages when you compare it with offline yoga classes, especially when you think about the low cost and the comfort of your home.

In general, if you already have years of experience, or if you simply expect instant results with minimal or inconsistent efforts on your part, then the Yoga Burn program is probably not for you.

On the other hand, if you want a complete yoga program for weight loss that you can structure around your needs as a woman, if you want to do it in the comforts of your home, or if you always wanted to know the right way to use yoga to lose weight and shape up, then the Yoga Burn program can be a great option for you.

Well, that’s it then.

That’s what I feel about the Yoga Burn program. I hope that this review has helped you and I wish you all the best.